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  • ValuMax Double Seal ArchAway Tie-On Mask (ASTM Level 3)

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    This surgical ASTM Level 3 mask features the Valumax revolutionary ArchAway design – a plastic wire across middle section of mask forms an arch, keeping the mask away from the nose and mouth at all times.  The ArchAway wire design combined with the unique top and bottom customizable seals create a larger, cooler, more comfortable breathing chamber for the wearer.

    • Most stretchable, comfortable ear-loops on the market eliminates pressure to ears
    • Silk soft inner layer eliminates skin irritation
    • Tie-on straps for customizable fit, maximum protection and comfort
    • Latex-free
    • High filtration: BFE 99.7% at 0.1 micron, BFE 99.5%
    • Breathable – Delta P<2.2
    • Low Particle shedding – Rated category 1 for Helmke Drum Testing
    • Manufactured in a controlled cleanroom environment
    • Meets ASTM Level 3 standard, 120 mmHg
    • Color:
      • Brush
      • Sky Blue
    • Packaging: 50 pcs/box, 12 boxes/case

    This mask is ideal for surgical and general-purpose use